Posted by: smilesmores | March 3, 2010

“I love the story of the little girl who showed her teacher a picture she painted of a tree. The tree was purple. The teacher said, ‘Sweetheart, I’ve never seen a purple tree, now have I?’ ‘Oh?’ said the little girl. ‘That’s too bad.'” Marianne Williamson

New adventures await!! Just a few days ago, I was commenting about how my friend seems to be bringing me down, and now she’s bringing me up. I suppose it just goes to show how cyclical moods can be and how patience pays off. Whew! (Editor’s note: Please excuse the glowing generalities and stifle your yawns. I said stifle them. As in stop it.)

Today I’ve committed myself…to a mental institution. JUST KIDDING!! I’ve committed myself to thinking outside the box and just letting me be me. If that means I take an improv comedy class, just because my friend suggested it, so be it. (Me being me includes being impressionable.) (Editor’s note: Please laugh here.)

It just occurred to me that anyone coming out of the closet must have a really difficult time doing so. I mean, I have a difficult time just owning up to what careers interest me, because I’m afraid of being ridiculed. How would I handle having to tell people something that I know many disapprove of? Hmmm…. (Editor’s note: This is so random. Ugh. All because of a purple tree?  You need to find inspiration elsewhere.)

The inner editor is forcing me off my blog. Enough already.


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