Posted by: smilesmores | March 10, 2010

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucious

Something about the state of unemployment that makes one feel perennially unproductive.  Yesterday was a day jammed pack with activity.  I networked; I brainstormed; I branded myself (as an underachieving weakling with no talent…argh!); and I sashayed a bit on the runway before taking my new moves to the dance floor.  In short…I played.  And it was fun.  And I think this is why today I feel more compelled to work.

Hollywood’s sun always shines in Los Angeles.  No matter how much you try to ground and root yourself, glamour is addictive and entertaining.  It’s fun.  It’s play.  Today I’m trying to understand what about this glamour intrigues me.  Because soulless beauty is really just a trick, but everyone sees you from the outside in.  And if beauty is only on the surface, and we all can have it these days, is it even scarce anymore?  And isn’t that scarcity what makes it valuable?

Why are some emotions valued while others are not?  Why do a censor myself now when I’m self-defeating?  Is it really a bad thing?  Is there any beauty in imperfection?  When is change a move in the right direction?

I’m done asking questions.  Signing off to pursue the answers.


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